About Us

The idea for Reclaimed Building Materials, Inc. was born indirectly, when Joni Vanderslice, owner of J. Banks Design, and husband Rick, built a new home on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  For this project, Joni & Rick chose Ron and Pat Strimpfel as the builders.  Joni was in possession of a variety of old recovered heart pine, oak, maple and ash flooring which had previously lived in various structures back home on the family farm in North Carolina.  Rather than construct her home using all new materials, she began to wonder if the reclaimed wood that was being stored on the family farm could be reused in a new way.  The wood arrived to South Carolina in a myriad of seemingly incongruent sizes, shapes and colors.  However, Ron Strimpfel, master carpenter and builder of Joni’s new home, cleaned it, sorted it by size and color and then arranged it in a pattern for use on the second floor of her new home.  The visual appeal alone turned out to be amazing.  The results of this creative use of old material turned out to be more profound and meaningful than expected.  The flooring of her new home now dates back through her family line for generations—by bringing this wood into her home, she was essentially given a new link to her childhood memories, emotionally connecting her past and present.  Thus, the idea of Reclaimed Building Materials and Reclamation By Design, Ltd. was created.

Reclaimed Building Materials officially began in 2008 and has been serving South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and the southeastern US.  Reclaimed Building Materials provides a unique blend of reclaimed building materials at cost-effective pricing.  Moreover, the re-use of older materials promotes eco-friendliness and sustainability.  Finally, the hidden gem behind Reclaimed Building Materials is the amount of history and stories that come along with each new construction project.  You may find yourself living amongst walls that were forgotten by time; or perhaps your new hardwood floors are actually made of old wood, but from pre-Colonial times.  Discover something lost, something rare, something beautiful with Reclaimed Building Materials, and give your home a story to tell.