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Antique Flooring

Hazel Digital Media Admin - Sunday, January 13, 2013
All of the many different facets of one's home weave together in a rich patchwork to tell a story. This is true for everything, including the floors you walk on. With Reclaimed Building Materials, we seek to give the past new life by putting materials from previous eras to use here in the present. When it comes to the flooring in your home, we offer a diverse selection of materials. Each was created using superior craftsmanship, and each has the special character and charm of days gone by.

What may have once been the walls of a barn, or the sturdy beams that kept them together; or perhaps the posts in a factory, or the aisles of a stable can now be recycled and put to good use as the flooring in your home. This process cuts back on the abundant waste of discarding these valuable materials for the sake of newly-manufactured items, thus helping the environment. Furthermore, today's building material technology lacks not only the craftsmanship, but the allure of older generations as well. Many of the versatile materials that we offer have tight wood grain for enhanced durability, and greater visual stimulation.

We're proud to offer Antique Flooring made purely from Reclaimed Building Materials. The grounds of your home should contain the comfort, warmth, and memories of aged eras. These materials tell a story, and by implementing them into your home, you can continue the narrative, and give these items new life. Call or Contact Us today to learn more about our process, and the materials that we use. We have a diverse selection, and we can find the materials that best suit your home. The next time you have company, leave them floored with our one-of-a-kind Antique Flooring.

Reclaimed Beams

Hazel Digital Media Admin - Friday, January 11, 2013
In the days of our nation's history, before an evolution in housing technology began to take shape, craftsmen were forced to rely on only the sturdiest of materials when constructing a shelter. One of the most significant aspects of building barns and homes in earlier times was the use of resilient beams. If built using the right materials, and implemented properly, the house was then nearly-immune to the elements. Although our methods have developed greatly over the last couple centuries, the use of beams is still an essential aspect of home-building, and more importantly, the use of durable materials to craft these beams is still just as relevant.

With Reclaimed Building Materials, we provide the opportunity to capture the strength and sturdiness of those materials used by America's earlier generations. The materials used were so finely crafted that their strength remains just as valid today as it did back then. Furthermore, we offer the chance to outfit your home with the unending charm of past eras. These precious relics of the past have an authenticity & character that cannot be replicated by today's technology. One's home should not only be strong, but should also tell a story: this is possible in a whole new way with Reclaimed Building Materials.

Call or Contact Us today to find out more about our process and the materials that we use. We have virtually limitless options when it comes to customizing your home, and the beams that support them. We offer only the sturdiest, finest building materials, and these are truly one-of-a-kind, rich with the sentimental value of our nation's history. By limiting the use of new resources, we seek to aid the environment, while simultaneously recreating new stories from the past. Reclaim a piece of history with our Reclaimed Beams.

Reclaimed Antique Doors

Hazel Digital Media Admin - Wednesday, January 09, 2013
The doors of a home are an essential, yet often overlooked commodity when it comes to reaching your home's full decorative potential. With so much else occupying your focus, it's easy to let this important facet slip away. We find that most homeowners simply opt for doors that are plain, and therefore not stimulating to the eye. However, we have also found that choosing a unifying theme amongst the doors in your home can unlock a whole new world of interior design. Here at Reclaimed Building Materials, we'd like to open the door of possibility to you.

Among our vast library of rich materials, you'll find that the customization options are nearly endless. Choose from Oak, Mahogany, Chestnut, Pine, or Iron to outfit your home with beautiful looking functionality. We provide the materials for both interior and exterior doors. As always with RBM, all of the materials that we use are reclaimed from the past, thus aiding the environment, saving you money, and most importantly, giving your home a unique charm.

The doors provide some of the first impressions of the house. We'd like to offer our diverse, durable materials to help you create the perfect entrances. Call or Contact Us today to learn more about our process, our materials, and just how much Reclaimed Building Materials can do for you, both inside and out. We're dedicated to preserving the antique charm of materials from the past, and recreating use for valuable items. Unlock your home's potential with our Reclaimed Antique Doors.

Reclaimed Fireplace Mantels

Hazel Digital Media Admin - Monday, January 07, 2013
On cold, wintry nights, there's not much better than gathering around the fireplace, and feeling the natural warmth of a crackling fire on your face. A fireplace is a precious asset to any home, because of the seasonal value they provide. However, there's another great reason to have a fireplace, which makes it valuable throughout the entire year: the Mantel.

A beautiful fireplace mantel has unlimited decorative potential. Most commonly, they're used to showcase items of sentimental significance. How appropriate then, to have a mantel that is itself made out of materials with nostalgic value.

Everything we craft comes from pre-existing materials – we love recreating something new out of something old. The rustic timbre that we use to create these mantels comes from all over. After a brief conversation, we can custom craft a piece to suit your exact specifications, so that it fits perfectly within your living room.

Call or Contact Us today so that we can build a fireplace mantel for you, and these materials can live on, creating new memories. Showcase your favorite items atop a worthy platform. From past to present, from history into your home, Reclaimed Building Materials wants to give you something different, yet familiar.

Antique Heart Pine

Hazel Digital Media Admin - Wednesday, January 02, 2013
Here at Reclaimed Building Materials, we make a great effort to cut down on the abundant amount of resources being used for new building projects by utilizing perfectly adequate, already-existing materials. One such example is the Antique Heart Pine that we offer. This material is truly a relic from the days of this country's infancy.

Antique Heart Pine refers to the building material that yielded all of the mills and plants of the Industrial Revolution, which helped give life to this country and our economy. This particular type of wood is extremely resilient, having maintained its durability for over 100 years.

This wood, like all of the reclaimed building materials that we use, has its own story to tell. So whether you want to use it for hardwood floors, bed frames, picture frames – anything – watch as the character and charm enhance your home in a way that no new products ever could.

Antique Heart Pine generally has a yellow-orange color to it, and you'll also find multiple growth rings, thus solidifying this product's authenticity and antiquity. With reclaimed Antique Heart Pine, a significant piece of our nation's rich history, your home can truly become where the Heart is. Call or Contact Us today for more information on this beautiful product, as well as the many other reclaimed materials that we offer.

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Jason Hazel - Friday, September 28, 2012

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